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Hinchley Wood Primary School

Hinchley Wood Primary School

Fundraising made easy

We are always looking for clever fundraising ideas. Here are a few ways that we hope can help you and raise money for the school at the same time.

Matched Funding

Did you know that if you work for a large organisa4on - par4cularly banks, legal & accountancy firms but also corporates such as Tesco, O2 & Unilever etc. – chances are you can help HWPS PTA raise a lot of money for very little effort!

All of these companies offer something called Matched Funding (or Matched Giving) as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes, where they will offer to “match” funds raised by a charitable organisa4on such as HWPSA. For example, just by helping out for 1⁄2 an hour on a stall at the Christmas or Summer Fair that raises £200, you can then ask your employer to “match” this by contribu4ng another £200 – thus increasing your fundraising significantly!

Ask your employer today if they can help and let us know.

Online Shopping

If you shop online, please take a look at

Register with the site and select Hinchley Wood Primary School Association as your organisa4on. You then have access to over 600 online retailers - including M&S, John Lewis, Argos, WH Smith, Direct Line Insurance, Boots, Tesco,, Virgin Atlantic, Micro Scooters...

Every time you shop, the school receives a donation!

Simply register on, select “Donation Reminder” then “Add to your browser”. Once added you don’t even need to remember to go through the main website. Just go to the site you want to shop from and it automa4cally credits the school! It even has a calculator so you can see how much money you have raised. Just a few extra clicks and it costs you nothing.


If you already have an Amazon account, click  here to make your purchase. The school will automatically receive a donation for any purchases made.


Don’t forget to name all uniform, PE kit, water bottles and lunch boxes that your child brings into school. If you order labels on, please use the
School ID: 33590.


Every order helps to raise funds for the school!