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Hinchley Wood Primary School

Hinchley Wood Primary School


On Monday, Reception arrived at school to some mini crime scenes… our class pets disappeared! We found their bags, adventure books and coats! We talked about where the pets could be…

Mikey: “He’s gone to the beach!” 
Holly: “He might be in the cupboard!” 
Charlie: “He’s in the bin!” 
Roxy: “Maybe Patch took the register and got lost!” 
Clayton: “He’s gone to help Santa with his presents!” 
Barnaby: “He might have gone out very sneakily!” 
Izzy: “I think they’re in lost property”
Luke: “I think they’ve gone on holiday.”
Mollie: “I think they’re hiding in the classroom.”

We searched high and low for our class pets, even at playtime! In the afternoon, Mrs O made a discovery! She found all three class pets getting up to mischief together on the climbing frame! 

We started our new book, ‘The Everywhere Bear’ on Wednesday. The boy in the story lost his class pet! Let’s hope he doesn’t get up to mischief like our pets!