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Hinchley Wood Primary School

Hinchley Wood Primary School


Last week, Year 3 had a very special visitor. Our marvellous magician dazzled us, baffled us and more importantly he entertained us.

All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We watched as Jared fixed a coke can using magic, Estelle transported money into an orange and Daniella levered water out of Millie’s elbow!!

*   “On Wednesday a magician came to our school. During the show he did lots of tricks and my favourite magic trick was the one with the dustbin.” 
Jared (Redwood class)
*   “During the lesson we went to the hall and my favourite trick was the milk disappearing.” Arlo  (Sycamore class).
*    “My favourite trick was when he multiplied carrots. During the show everyone looked closely as he made more!” Autumn (Sycamore class).

Afterwards this inspired some fantastic persuasive writing as children wrote an advertisement for our wonderful magician…..Andy Hiccup!! See some of the super examples below. It truly has added some magic to our writing.