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Hinchley Wood

Primary School

    Hinchley Wood Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.


    Chair of the Governing Body - Sue Rodger

    Vice Chair of the Governing Body - Colin Winchester

    Our role as Governors of Hinchley Wood Primary School is to help guide the strategic direction and focus of the school, working alongside the Head and the Senior Leadership Team.  As such, the school's aims and policies are reviewed and approved by the governors and we play a key role in both developing and monitoring the School Development Plan.

    In order to do this effectively, we have 3 separate committees.  It is the duty of each committee to monitor and ensure the maintenance of good practice within the areas of responsibility and to act as a “critical friend” to the Head and Senior Leadership Team by being both challenging and supporting as necessary.

    The areas covered by each committee, aligned with our School Development Plan and Ofsted's framework are set out below. In addition to these, each committee reviews all statutory policies which relate to their work.

    Leadership and Management Committee - Chair, Mr Colin Winchester

    Ensures the school maximises the value it achieves in all matters relating to staffing, budget and finance.

    • Achieved through reviewing school's financial policy statements, proposed annual budget plans, progress, and future funding commitments. This committee also reviews the formal audit reports and the auditor’s recommendations
    • The committee is responsible for the following areas of Personnel Management: review of procedures for staff management, involvement in appointment decisions, and the performance management of the  Head Teacher.
    • This committee also takes responsibility for monitoring the breadth and balance of curriculum.
    • The committee also ensures policies and systems in school fulfil the safeguarding responsibilities

    Achievement Committee - Chair, Mrs Sue Rodger

    Ensures the school sets and achieves ambitious expectations throughout the school community in all areas of learning.

    • Achieved through the regular analysis of progress via the school's internal self evaluation system and actual results and progress achieved at KS1 and KS2 including comparison to schools nationally.
    • This committee also monitors the provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs, and the impact of Pupil Premium funding on achievement.
    • Governors work alongside the school's subject leaders to monitor and track developments in curriculum subjects.

    Behaviour, Safety and Community Committee - Chair, TBC

    Ensures the school maintains exceptional levels of behaviour and safety.

    • Achieved through monitoring all areas of the schools work relating to behaviour, health, safety and development of the premises
    • This committee also reviews statutory policies related to Behaviour, Health and safety such as Child Protection and Fire Risk assessments, as well as developing and reviewing other policies related to behaviour such as anti-bullying and e-safety.
    • Governors also receive reports on premises maintenance and development, linked to annual budget approval.

    Ensures social cohesion is built within the school community.

    • To achieve this, the committee develops and maintains effective systems of communication within and throughout the school community.
    • This includes monitoring all areas of the school's work relating to partnerships including the review of information sought in the Annual Parents and Pupils surveys and the review of the Home School Agreement.
    • Governors also help to build and monitor the wider links, such as the Hinchley Wood Schools' Partnership (a cluster of our local schools).

    Governors meet as a full governing body at least once a term, and our three committees meet at least once every term.  Full Governing Body meetings are open to the public, with the exception of any confidential agenda items.